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At Ric and Reds, we can help you whether you bring your own tires or want to purchase new from us. We have access to a wide variety of brands of tires at every price point to keep everyone’s budget in mind.

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Tire Repairs

Have a flat tire, no problem we can fix that for you, if it’s a hole in the tread or one of those annoying bead leaks, we have the ability to take care of it.

Tire Rotation

Rotating your tires is important to get the longest life out of your tires, and it helps them wear evenly. We recommend rotating your tires every 8000-10000km or twice a year to keep your tires wearing properly and handling the way they should.

Tire Balance

Feeling a shimmy or a shake while driving at higher speeds, this could mean your tires are out of balance or maybe they are just full of mud or snow and ice. Swing in and talk to us, we can help get your wheels back in balance to get you that smooth ride again!

Wheel Alignment

Is your wheel crooked? Are your tires wearing uneven? This could mean your car needs a wheel alignment. At Ric and Red’s, we have two updated wheel alignment machines with trained technicians that can take care of your alignment needs.

May We Suggest …

Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S

The AT3 4s is a versatile truck tire that performs good on and off road, with good off-road traction along with a smooth highway ride. This tire will get you down any road you want to take.

Cooper Discoverer Enduramax

The Enduramax is built for smooth on road driving with the ability to handle off-road driving. A great option for all weather driving for an SUV.

Cooper Endeavor

The Cooper Endeavor offers long tread life along with good wet performance and a quiet ride. A good all-season option for your car or van.

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