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At Ric and Red’s, we pride ourselves in our work and care for our customers, whether it be a large company with a large fleet of vehicles, or someone with one car, or if it someone walking through the door for the first time, we treat everyone the same. We are a locally owned shop that provides honest service at a great price, and we pride ourselves on that. We strive to give the best prices we can.

Before you hit the road, come in and see the team you trust to have an inspection done to make sure your vehicle is good to keep rolling!!

Investigating an engine on a Ford pickup truck

Steering and Suspension

If your vehicle is all over the road or bouncing up and down more than normal when hitting bumps. Come see the friendly staff at Ric and Reds, there may be an issue with your suspension or steering components.


Are your brakes squealing or feel like they are not grabbing and stopping your car the way they should? Your brakes work by friction, once your brake pads wear down, they lose the friction needed to stop your vehicle properly. If you feel they are not working right, make an appointment for a complimentary brake inspection.

Routine Service and Fluid changes

Is your vehicle running rough, or leaking fluids onto your driveway or garage floor? Here at Ric and Reds we have experienced technicians and updated tools to look into these issues. Whether it’s a seal leaking or needs a tune up, we can help you with most of your automotive needs.

Oil Change

We offer full synthetic oil changes at competitive pricing. It is important to regularly change your oil to keep your engine operating properly, for many miles and years to come.

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